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matricom falling apart

A board for discussing the G-Box Midnight / Slav M3.

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matricom falling apart

Postby bobby32x » Thu Dec 01, 2016 2:27 am

I am new to the forum but I have browsed through some of the website. Thing I am having trouble with is the black screen/video signal loss. I could tell you my mx2 info but I cant really get to it all without it going black first. It has to be part of the firmware or something because it loads but then goes black after maybe 5-10 seconds. Sometimes I can change the tv mode on my tv to regular tv and then back to my hdmi/gbox input and it will load up where it went black and I can get another 5-10 seconds before black screen. I have done some hip fire research (because I am not too savvy with these machines and the firmware and associated things with the mx2) and I came across a persons post that said similar issues were fixed by reloading the 1.1.5 version and then the 1.1.6 and finally the 1.2.1 (forgive me if I dont have the versions 100%.. like I said, not savvy) and it appears that no matter what link I click on in the matricom website, the page goes to an error making downloading impossible. I'm a little baffled by this because I need some assistance in this area. Anyone know whats up with the website? and or my black screen issue? I recently tried to load openelec on it but outside of that, I dont know all of my systems stats

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